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Hair Removal - Waxing

Our highly trained waxing specialists are trained in both hot wax and strip wax application. Using the highest quality wax to achieve the best results with minimum discomfort, leaving your skin perfectly smooth and hair-free.


Waxing Q&A:

Some frequently asked questions about full bikini waxing:

What do I wear?
You will be given a disposable underwear to wear throughout the treatment.

Will it hurt?
There is a degree of pain involved, but it’s not as painful as you imagine it to be, and we use the most gentle wax available.

How long should the hairs be?
If you book in for a Lycon wax the hair can be as short as 1 mm. With strip wax a minimum of 3mm is needed, and it is a good idea to trim to about 10mm beforehand if the hairs are long.

How often should I have it done?
We recommend 3 - 4 weeks in between appointments. This allows the hairs to reach a suitable length for waxing. It also promotes a good cycle of growth that means you have the maximum time available hair-free and also doesn’t allow the hair to re-strengthen too much - which means less pain for you! Exfoliating at home will help you avoid ingrown hairs, ask your therapist for details if you require more information about this.

Will it itch when it grows back?
Waxing weakens and reduces the hair unlike shaving, the hair will grow back soft and will not itch.




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For bikini area we offer Lycon hot wax for an additional £7

Brow Shape - £20
Bikini from - £23
Brazilian - £36
Hollywood - £38

1/2 Arm - £20
Full Arm - £24
1/2 Leg - £28
3/4 Leg - £32
Full Leg - £38
Lip - £12
Lip and Chin - £15
Underarm - £18
Back or Chest - £35