Swedish Massage for relaxation

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

This full body massage uses varying traditional techniques to calm the nervous system, and help you unwind and de stress. It will improve circulation, boost lymphatic drainage and release tense muscles which are all too common in today’s desk-bound jobs.



Is a Swedish Massage Right for Me?

Everyone from super fit gym goers to desk bound city workers will experience the benefit of the calming effects of a Swedish massage as they slowly fell the muscular knots and tension melt away. If you’re looking for some indulgent ‘me-time’ or want to give to give someone special a lovely gift, then a soothing Swedish massage is perfect.

What is a Swedish Massage Like?

This treatment uses classic massage techniques (such as long flowing strokes around the back and circular kneading techniques around the shoulders and hips) to relax the body and mind, melt away tightness and tension in all the muscles of the body.


Results & Benefits of a Swedish Massage

  • Reduces pain and tightness in all areas of the body.

  • Regular massage stimulates the body’s natural healing ability restoring a sense of balance and well being.

  • The comfort, warmth and reassurance of therapeutic touch helps improve sleep, induce feelings of security and to alleviate stress.

  • Improved circulation of blood and the drainage of lymph throughout the body.




Fiona Lovett

Shir Maoz

Danielle Taylor


Hayley Van Emmenis

Victoria Wiltshire




Swedish Massage 60 minutes - £70

Swedish Massage 90 minutes - £95