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Steven Lassetter BSc (Hons) DPodM, MChS, HPC, Ch.14003

State Registered Podiatrist


Steven graduated from the University of Brighton in 1998, where he was retained for a year to lecture in podiatric medicine, biomechanics and orthotics. After this he became a leading Musculoskeletal Podiatrist for the NHS. He has been one of the top central London NHS specialists in this field since 2005 and still leads a clinical team to this day.

Having worked in the fields of rehabilitation, podopaediatrics, sports podiatry and pain management; Steven has a wealth of expertise in the treatment of foot pain and lower limb disorders.

Steven is currently writing a text book defining the role of a foot pain specialist and describing his method of hybrid biomechanics in the hopes of enlightening the world about the vital importance of feet and the incredible things they achieve on a daily basis.

Treatments provided:

> Biomechanical Assessment & Orthotics

> Podiatry