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 “All disease begins in the gut” was the term reportedly coined 2,000 years ago by the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates. Current research continues to confirm this is indeed correct.


The gut is the gateway between the outside world and our internal world.   Food, drinks, bacteria, environmental toxins, medicines, and more, enter our mouths and make their way down in to our digestive tract.   It is the gut that decides which beneficial molecules gain access into our bloodstream, and which detrimental substances get ejected back to the outside world.

It is our gut’s responsibility to digest, extract and absorb critical vitamins, minerals, glucose, fat and protein from food & drinks, so they can be used to build (& fuel) every single cell.  If the gut isn’t carrying out its job properly, the balance between helpful and harmful molecules inside our bodies can become disrupted – impacting the structure and function of every organ & tissue in the body. 

We tend to give our digestive tract thought when we are experiencing reflux, bloating or abnormal bowel movements.  Yet the absence of gastrointestinal symptoms does not equate to a healthy gut.   Someone can suffer from skin issues, weight gain, urinary tract infections, migraines, depression, anxiety, bone pain, and even toenail fungus, and not recognize that their symptom or condition originates from a dysfunctional gut.  


A nutritional therapist can help you understand what constitutes healthy bowel habits, which foods promote or disturb good gut function, and how poor digestion is linked to your symptom(s).  They can also recommend tests to reveal whether you are digesting and absorbing nutrients appropriately, the presence of ‘beneficial’ or ‘pathogenic’ bacteria, parasites or yeasts in your gut, and nutrient deficiencies. 

What’s your gut instinct?  Does your digestion some attention?


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