When you think of massage, the likelihood is you think of it as “a little me” time. And yes, massage certainly does offer a great way to escape from the stresses of our day-to-day lives, but increasingly studies are showing that massage gives you so much more: a range of emotional and physical benefits. Here are our top ten reasons to have more massage:


Top 10 reasons for more massage in your life.

  1. Reduces stress. A single massage can lower your heart rate, cortisol and insulin levels, all of which are tied to how stressed you feel.

  2. Help you relax. Long after your massage is over, you will still benefit from a host of brain chemistry responses that encourage feelings of relaxation, lowered stress and improved mood.

  3. Improve movement. Massage helps you become aware of your body and how it feels to ‘be in’ a body. This heightened sense of body-awareness can help you to move and stand confidently with increased ease and comfort.

  4. Aids circulation. The pressure from massage moves oxygen-rich blood through the body to damaged, tense muscles so they can heal, while also moving metabolic waste via the lymphatic system.

  5. Lowers blood pressure. Through reducing everyday stress and anxiety, massage can lower both diastolic and systolic blood pressure.

  6. Soothe back pain. Being immobile (eg lots of sitting or standing) can sensitise the lower back, making it feel sore and tight. Massage can help with back pain by relaxing those tense muscles.

  7. Increase flexibility. Sedimentary lifestyles and age can make joints less flexible. Massage helps improve fluidity and the sense of motion in your joints and connective tissues.

  8. Breathe better. Massage can relax muscles in the upper body, which, if they become too tight, can constrict breathing.

  9. Help headaches. Regular massage reduces your chance of developing a headache in the first place by relaxing muscle spasms and trigger points. Already have a headache? It can help decrease the pain.

  10. Sleep better. Regular massage has been found to decrease depression and anxiety levels and improve sleep quality.

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 An Integral Part For Well-being

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder today’s consumer is beginning to see massage as an integral part of their well-being journey. As we all re-examine our wellness choices, massage therapy is shedding the stereotype of being an occasional indulgence. Instead, it’s become a highly integral body maintenance experience that offers any number of health benefits when consistently incorporated with other total body care actions.

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