Developmental Baby massage is designed to increase bonding and attachment whilst also developing physical flexibility and range of movement.

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Caregivers naturally communicate and provide comfort to their baby through touch, by using rhythmic strokes and soothing holds baby massage enhances this natural process. In addition to the many benefits for your baby, baby massage improves the caregivers wellbeing as well as increase confidence in responding to our babies needs.

This course is designed for babies from 8 weeks old (and able to hold up their head) to babies that are standing, this routine uses therapeutic play to establish a balanced body with a wide range of flexible and coordinated movement.

Over the 4-week course you will work on skills that help with:

  • bonding and attachment

  • attunement to your baby’s communication cues

  • introduce gentle touch techniques to relieve trauma associated with birth and gestational trauma

  • introduce easy, progressive steps towards tummy time

  • demonstrate gentle holding positions, stroking and stretching techniques to optimise babies posture and abilities

  • reduce digestive discomfort such as colic

  • improve sleep

  • develop circulatory and breathing rhythms

  • develop joint flexibility and muscle strength

All the above steps provide a good foundation for sitting and standing, whilst allowing you one-to-one playtime in a safe and supportive environment.

Our next course starts Thursday 26th of July at 11am at BodyMatters Clinic and is held by Karen Kelly. Please contact the clinic to book your place. 

Karen completed her baby massage instructor training with the renowned Peter Walker. She is also a fully licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist, who is passionate about promoting health and wellbeing for both babies and their caregivers. 

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