An opportunity to find out what Alexander Technique can offer you

Alexander Technique is well known for:

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>  Correcting habits of posture and movement which cause chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, also breathing problems.

>  Improving performance - understanding alignment in the body allows maximum skill and minimum effort in what we do. This affects all our activities; it also brings confidence in feeling more relaxed and more centered.  And we can learn that many effects of aging are not inevitable, but depend on how we use our body.

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Alexander Technique during Pregnancy

>  In pregnancy the AT will teach you how to carry the baby with minimum strain and discomfort, and prepare you for the demands on your body and your energy after birth.


WEDNESDAY 28 FEBRUARY - 10am - 8pm

MONDAY 26 MARCH - 10am - 8pm


Carole Fish is offering taster sessions on Wednesday 28th of February and Monday 26th of March. 
Book a 30-minute taster session for only £15. Spaces are limited so please call the clinic on 02074197900 or email to secure your booking.