Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Being pregnant is a special time. However, as your baby grows and your body changes, it’s not unusual to feel some aches and pains, especially in the latter stages. The benefits of prenatal massage are wide-ranging and cover not only physical well being but mental well being as well. Massage can be a natural way of easing the following ailments:

Back Pain

As your baby grows, your posture changes and pain in the lower and upper back is common. Massage can help relax tight muscles and relieve tension in the back.

Pregnancy massage


Some women experience sciatic pain in the lower back, which also travels down the back of the thigh, lower part of the leg and the sole of the foot. Gentle massage can help bring relief by releasing pressure on muscles and nerves in the area.

Migraine & headaches

Migraines and headaches can be more common during pregnancy, possibly caused due hormonal changes, stress or tension around the head, neck and shoulder area. Massage will help relieve tension and improve blood circulation.


Your circulation is working harder than normal throughout pregnancy, so leg cramps and swelling can be common symptoms of late pregnancy. Massage can help boost circulation and encouraging lymph to move around the body, helping to remove toxins and reduce swelling.


Massage can help soothe the nervous system, helping you feel calmer, relaxed, reduce fatigue and promote better sleep.


Even though pregnancy is a special time, it can have its own stresses mentally as well as physically. Having a massage can give you some much needed time to yourself to relax and recharge and can help reduce anxiety and stress.