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Laura Bond,DipION, BANT

Nutritional Therapist


Laura Bond is a nutritional therapist and published author. She has a particular interest in natural approaches to healing and encourages clients to make simple changes to reduce their risk of disease and help their body eliminate toxins.

Laura might use lab tests to identify missing vitamins or issues in the gut, for others the focus will be on food; creating a program that fits in with their busy schedule and stops them craving sugar.

With experience working in corporate settings Laura gains huge satisfaction in helping busy adults regain their energy and lust for life (and even more pleasure getting difficult toddlers to eat their dinner – as a mother she knows how hard this can be).

Following years of research for books and articles Laura has cultivated a global list of contacts for everything from vitamin injections to bio identical hormones, should a client need a referral. Laura is registered with the professional regulatory boards, BANT and CNHC and is fully insured.

Client testimonial:

Laura has been fantastic at guiding me through the confusion around nutrition during pregnancy, leaving me confident I really am doing the best for my baby and me. I always look forward to our sessions and the new advice, research and yummy recipes she has in store for me!” Alice College

Treatment provided:

> Nutritional Therapy

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