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Karin Herzog Facials

A unique range of skincare products handmade in Switzerland and created by Dr Paul Herzog in 1974. Dr Herzog, a world renowned Swiss professor and scientist has dedicated his whole career to the study of artificial respiration and the benefits of oxygen on the human body. His patented creams, containing active oxygen, work from the inside out. When the oxygen cream contacts the skin it is turned into a gas and is taken down to the dermal layers, providing a deep cleanse, and bringing life back into the skin. He has named this unique range after his wife Karin, a professional beautician and who has had a significant influence and input to this revolutionary skincare range.


Oxygen Facial

A deep detoxifying ‘hands on’ extraction facial using steam and high frequency if needed to deep clean the skin removing blackheads and blemishes .Using oxygen based creams to cleanse, heal and repair. Suitable for all skins especially problematic and those prone to spots.


Amanda Roberts



Oxygen Facial Treatment 30 minutes - £50
Oxygen Facial Treatment 60 minutes - £80