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Justyna Niewiara BTEC, ISRM member

Sports Injury and Remedial Massage Therapist


Justyna Niewiara began her career as an art historian, but remedial therapy has become her passion. She graduated with a BTEC (Level 5) from the prestigious London School of Sports Massage, and is a member of the Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage (ISRM). Justyna seeks to understand each person’s individual body and function by examining posture, assessing their muscles, soft tissues and joints. Specialising in sports and remedial deep tissue massage, she uses a broad range of massage and manual therapy treatment techniques (such as Muscle Energy Technique, Neuromuscular Technique, Trigger Point Therapy, and Soft Tissue Release) to help quickly alleviate acute condition (e.g. muscle and joint sprains, soft tissue tension) and also chronic conditions (e.g. chronic low back and neck pain) that may need ongoing treatments to help manage pain levels.

Justyna’s has a particular interest in providing Laryngeal Massage, which can be beneficial to people that use their voice professionally, such singers, presenters, public speakers as well as for individuals who experience vocal muscle tension (Dysphonia). This vocal massage treatment will help to expand vocal range, enhance diction, improve circulation, and strengthen lung capacity.

Treatments provided:

> Deep Tissue Massage

> Sports Massage