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Hayley Van Emmenis,BSc (Hons) Acupuncture and Massage Practitioner (mCHP)

Acupuncturist and Well-being Practitioner

Hayley is a qualified acupuncturist, massage therapist and reflexologist. She is a naturalist, a self-care strategist and a passionate advocate of all things good; people, health, food and wellbeing. Hayley has developed an excellent understanding of the complementary health and wellbeing industry over the years, working as a practitioner and trainer in clinics in the UK, US and India.

Since returning from India, Hayley graduated from the University of Westminster  - London in 2013 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture and continues her exploration into the effective practice of classical Chinese medicine, developing her learning of tangible acupuncture whereby sensations of achiness, heaviness, muscle twitching, pulsating, warmth, tingling and spreading are all normal and can be felt through the needle locally or travel distally to other areas of the body according to the channels.

It was a reoccurring injury from her gymnastic days that was often exacerbated by long periods of sitting at University that lead Hayley to focus on musculoskeletal disorders; specifically, lower back pain, hip health and pain management. Hayley uses a combined skill set of deep tissue, sports massage, acupuncture and functional movement and stretches to support the development of a more agile, less achy body.

Hayley also offers a gentler more relaxing therapeutic massage focusing on deep relaxation, using the time to work on reflex points of the feet, pressure points on the scalp and forehead and warm and stretch out any tightness or tension.

Hayley believes that regular massage, movement, and other self-care practices pays off; physically, mentally and emotionally. She is invested in wellness and is committed to her own self-care practices, providing a supportive hand to assist her clients and their well-being.  

Treatments provided

> Acupuncture

> CACI Non-surgical Facelift

> Reflexology

> Deep Tissue Massage

> Swedish Massage

> Sports Tissue Massage