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Hannah Brown BCNH, BANT, CNHC

Nutritional Therapist


Hannah graduated from the UK College of Nutrition & Health in 2006 as a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist She is also a Zest4life motivational coach, Metabolic Balance® coach and SWAMI practitioner.  She is registered with the professional regulatory boards, BANT and CNHC; is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine; and is fully insured by Balens Specialist Insurance Brokers.  She has had the joy of practicing in Chicago, New York and London, and has worked with European clients in France, Switzerland, Norway & Brussels.

Hannah absolutely loves her work, because she is a ‘thinker’ and ‘investigator’ at heart.  She thrives on the detective nature of her job, and adopts the ‘Functional Medicine’ approach in her practice - taking time to understand her client’s past and current health history, activity levels, state of mind, genetic heritage and dietary intake/habits, so she can gain insight into, and address, all the underlying causes of each of the presenting symptoms, as opposed to just treating the diagnosed ‘disease’ or ‘condition’.   She may also suggest GP testing or functional testing (with private laboratories) to delve deeper & determine where there are imbalances in the body (this might entail looking at vitamin and mineral levels, heavy metal toxicity, gut microbiome, food sensitivities, neurotransmitter imbalances, mineral deficiencies, hormone dysregulation, etc)

Hannah is approachable and non-judgmental.  She wants her clients to be the best versions of themselves & live a happy healthy life.  She is committed to hearing her client’s story and excites in passing on her knowledge. Her aim is to inform and empower her clients to be discerning about their food choices.  She has a passion for fresh, healing foods, and likes to inspire her clients with quick, delicious recipes using simple, whole food ingredients. 

Treatment provided:

> Nutritional Therapy

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