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Aromatherapy Micheline Arcier

Aromatherapy Micheline Arcier

Aromatherapy Micheline Arcier

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What is Aromatherapy Micheline Arcier

The iconic Micheline Arcier Aromathérapie treatment provides a complete body experience to release tension, rebalance energy and revitalise body, mind and spirit.


Micheline Arcier Aromathérapie

Specialised massage techniques to influence the autonomic nervous system are used on the back, legs, head, face and abdomen and essential oil formulations are chosen to support the treatment objective. While stimulating blood and lymph circulation, or supporting the immune system Aromathérapie can induce a state of deep relaxation and it is the treatment to relieve stress ‘par excellence’.

Micheline Arcier Aromathérapie Maman

This treatment is adapted from the Aromathérapie treatment and can be given at any stage of pregnancy. It is revitalising, helping to counteract fatigue and give a general sense of well-being.

The oils used are gentle and safe for mother and child and can help to prevent stretch marks and maintain the elasticity of the tissues when used regularly.

Madame Arcier had a particular concern for care of the pregnant woman and a course of specially adapted treatments with her gentle formulations is the perfect way to nurture mother and baby throughout pregnancy

Micheline Arcier Visage

Based on traditional French facial massage requiring the particular skills of very experienced therapists. Precise and specific techniques stimulate the circulation and improve blood flow so the skin is deeply nourished and muscle tone improved, counteracting the effects of tension and strain.

The massage increases the rate of lymphatic drainage by clearing waste and fluid from the tissues which can give a congested and lifeless appearance to the skin. It is a real “work out” for the face using an essential oil blend chosen to suit the particular skin so the treatment can be tailored to revitalise and refresh each skin type.

A course of treatments is particularly beneficial for skins that are older, prematurely aged or lacking tonicity.

Practitioner: Nerys Donaldson



Micheline Arcier Aromathérapie Treatment 75 minutes - £80

Micheline Arcier Aromathérapie Maman Treatment 75 minutes - £80
Micheline Arcier Aromathérapie Maman Treatment 90 minutes - £95

Micheline Arcier Visage Treatment 60 minutes - £70