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Amanda Spring BSc (Hons)

Colonic Hydrotherapist


Amanda trained in colon hydrotherapy in 2003 and has a BSc (Hons) degree in nutritional medicine from the University of West London.  She is currently lives in the Spanish Pyrenees where she frequently runs retreats to cleanse the body and mind.  Once a month she comes to London to see her regular client base.

Amanda has over thirteen years of experience helping people to make practical and psychological changes that allow them to live with greater ease and fulfilment.  She particularly focuses on educating clients on how the body, and not just the mind, is feeling; as busy lives often disconnect us from what is going on below the neck.  Amanda effectively combines her experience and knowledge of nutrition to help patients achieve not only of good bowel health but overall wellbeing too.  We all have very particular dietary needs and it can be difficult knowing which foods to eat and which to avoid.   Amanda cuts through the confusion to find the exact diet that is right for each person.

Treatments provided:

> Colonic Hydrotherapy

> Nutritional Therapy