Alexander Technique

Marathon Training and the Alexander Technique

Running and the Importance of alignment - for health, enjoyment and good performance.

 Our bodies have a vertical axis which naturally aligns itself to the powerful force of gravity - involving the head, neck and spine and dividing in two through the legs to meet the ground.

When this axis is the true centre of our running, without distortions, the whole body around it flows into the movement with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. Movement is a joy for the aligned body.

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A course of sessions in the A.T. while training for the Marathon, will give you a new and practical understanding of how to let go of tension and strain while running. This new knowledge can be taken into all daily activities, with long term benefits for health and the quality of life.


Alexander Technique lessons

Alexander Technique teaches individuals how to improve their body movement and their posture, which can help reduce and prevent problems caused by unhelpful postural and movement habits.

In a course of Alexander Technique sessions, you will practice to become aware of habits of posture, tension and movement which may distort the vital central axis of the body. This primarily involves the improving the relationships between the head, neck and back, though it includes the body as a whole.


Body in alignment

Your Alexander Technique teacher will work with you towards re-establishing correct body alignment so that you can move your body effortlessly, confidently and pain free. Sessions involve; working actively with your teacher to help gently guide your movement; working with and optimising your posture; looking at your daily activities and teach relaxation techniques to help relax the mind and musculoskeletal system.


Restoring alignment and enhancing movement can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Pain and chronic tension can be eased which brings new confidence and enjoyment in moving during the day.

  • Back pain, neck pain, and conditions relating to breathing or stress can be helped by improving how we move and think about movement.

  • Performance improves for the musician, actor or dancer who depends on their body to work freely and expressively.

  • Pregnancy, birth and childcare put big new demands on the body and our energy levels. By learning how the body functions much more efficiently around a central axis, we can avoid unnecessary stress and feel a new confidence in how the body works.

  • Many symptoms of aging can improve in restoring a good relationship to our central axis - Balance; stability; ease and elegance of movement; maximum breathing capacity. If we mistakenly think we have to hold the body up to keep upright, we can only fail and feel hopeless. We need to experience how being aligned with the force of gravity will support our being vertical instead of pulling us down.

  • Business presentation skills and good relations with clients can be improved as they are dependent on the right state of mind and body awareness, and knowing how to be at ease.

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Initial Consultation and Treatment 75 minutes - £75
Subsequent Treatments 60 minutes - £60