Can Acupuncture help my condition?

Obviously, this is the most pressing question asked by new clients. Can you treat my cold, my headache, my back pain, my fertility issues, my IBS etc.


The thing with acupuncture is that we treat the person with the condition, disease etc. We don’t specifically set out to treat ‘a condition’ - or an ailment or a pain - although improvement and resolution is the desired outcome. The important question isn’t what condition/disease has this person got. For us, it’s “Why has this person got these symptoms” - what’s going on that this person was susceptible to a virus, why has this person’s own resources failed? So we are looking for an underlying deficiency in this persons resources and use a combination of needles and moxa at carefully selected acupuncture points to supplement and stimulate the body’s own healing resources. This is why acupuncture (and all of oriented medicine) is able to address such a wide range of issues so successfully. 

But it does seem very strange... to approach a client with just steel and a yellow/green fluffy herb commonly known as mugwort, (I.e. needles and moxa) which can be used in variety of ways to help circulate the Qi, Blood and Fluids throughout the body, and that this can not only help with somebody’s migraine or anxiety, but address the underlying cause of these symptoms so they are less likely to return on the future. 


It really is extraordinary. I’m very grateful to be a practitioner of this amazing art.

Fiona Hurlock


Fiona Hurlock



Initial Consultation and Treatment 60-75 minutes - £70
Subsequent Treatments 60 minutes - £65